Healing Trip to Israel

How Shirley Blaier-Stein took a healing trip to Israel to meet her spiritual healer and what he taught her about autism.

healing Trip to Israel

Looking at the Sea of Galilee

Looking at the Sea of Galilee

. . . We went back to the car and my dad drove for a while. Then Joseph asked him to stop and he asked me to go sit with him on a bench on the side of the road. By that time, we were much closer to the Sea of Galilee. I could see the line where the deep blue water met the clear blue sky. It was very quiet there. All we could hear was the chirping of the birds and the leaves moving in the light breeze.

“Close your eyes,” Joseph asked me. He waited a few seconds before he continued, softly: “Notice how you are feeling right now. How does your body feel. How do you feel inside.” He paused again, and then asked: “You are peaceful and relaxed, right?”

I nodded.

“Now picture Dan.”

I did. I pictured Dan’s beautiful face. When he appeared before my eyes I immediately felt a knot in my stomach. What was that? Fear? Definitely stress.

“I want you to connect in your mind the feeling you are experiencing now, with the image of Dan. Can you do that?”

I realized that Joseph was trying to cut the connection that I had for so long of being stressed when I thought of Dan. I was scared when I thought about him, too. Joseph wanted to replace those negative feelings with peace and calmness, the way I felt at that moment.

“I understand. I will try to do that more, but it will take real work to succeed.”

“I know,” he smiled. “I wanted you to experience it at least once with me, so you would know how to do it at home.” 

The grave of Rabbi Meyer

The grave of Rabbi Meyer

. . . It was time for me to enter the holy grave of Rabi Meyer. It was a small space below the ground. I stepped down carefully. There were many prayer books and candles there. It was a small space and it felt claustrophobic. I stood there and looked at the signs and the notes people left there. Every note had a prayer written on it. I was so exhausted by then. I could not remember what Joseph wanted me to do now. I could not stop thinking about what Ezra had said. Why did he say I had to face the facts?  . . .

The entrance to Elijah's Cave

The entrance to Elijah's Cave

. . . [Joseph] instructed my dad to drive to Elijah’s cave on Mount Carmel. Elijah was one of the most important prophets in Jewish history. The cave we went to was the place where Elijah stayed when he escaped from the kings of Israel who did not accept his prophecies. There is no grave for Elijah because the story tells that after he was done teaching his apprentice, a carriage with horses made of fire came from the sky and carried him upwards until he disappeared. I later learned that this cave is famous for its healing powers.