Chapter 21: My Autistic Healer

My Autistic Healer


first read about Joseph in one of my Israeli healing books. The story described Joseph as being severely autistic until he was eleven years old. He had all the typical symptoms and behaviors associated with autism and he was non-verbal. The doctors did not give his parents much hope.

When Joseph turned 11, a mysterious miracle occurred and he began to speak fluently. Doctors and specialists examined him in an attempt to understand what had happened, yet to this day, nobody could provide an explanation.

His parents told him that at first, he told them that all that time he had been surrounded by colorful clouds and rainbows; that angels and spirits and beautiful beings were flying around him; and he saw beautiful temples. He told them that where he had been beings communicated without talking. The language was one of colors and feelings. Nothing he said made sense to them, but shortly after he began talking, he ceased telling those tales and focused on learning about the world around him, until he became part of it.

As soon as I read Joseph’s story I knew I had to contact him.

I dialed the number from the book. When Joseph picked up I told him I needed help.

“It’s for your son, right?”
“Yes, he is 5. His name is...” “Don’t tell me. It has a D in it.” “Dan.”

“Yes. You live far away from your family, but there is a family member whom Dan loves very much, and who lives within driving distance of you. He works with computers.”

“Benny,” I said slowly. My uncle lived near Boston.

I was impressed with the way Joseph knew these things, yet that was not why I called him, so I did not encourage him to tell me more. He must have sensed that, because he quickly asked: “So how can I help you?”

“I want you to teach me how to communicate with Dan.”

I also wanted to know more about what happened to him before he turned 11.

“When I “came back,” I did not recognize my parents. The only memory I had of them was from age two. I remember everything in detail: how my parents and I were sitting in the kitchen and my dad was feeding me. The food was too spicy for me. I left my body and I was floating up by the ceiling looking at everything from above. And then I saw black shadows moving around me. They took me with them and put me in a white room. The light was so bright that it hurt. I was there for a long time. I could not tell how long. Time did not matter there. It was all the same. One day, a very old soul came to me and told me: “Your mother is praying for you. Do you want to come?” And I came,” he said laughing. “And that’s when they tell me I came back.”

His story seemed completely insane however when I spoke with him he sounded normal. I could not fully believe he was as severely autistic as he described, yet I had a feeling he could help me understand Dan and his world.

“I believe that parents are the healers of their children,” he said to me. “Autism is not what they think it is: It’s not an illness, it’s a language. I can teach you the special language that Dan communicates in.”

I was silent for a moment, thinking how up to that point, I had been told that autism is not curable; I did not think Dan was communicating; and I did not know what more I could do for him, besides looking for the best doctors and experts that would hopefully cure him.

To help me grasp his ideas, Joseph gave me a visual description: “Imagine that you are Dan’s channel to the world; you can help him connect with people here. You need to clean that channel from negative energy and enable Dan to use it.”

Since Joseph was in Israel and I was in Connecticut, we agreed on a weekly therapy session over the phone.