Autism and Special Needs Advocate

I am an attorney and autism and special needs advocate practicing in Fairfield County CT

autism and special needs Advocate

Shirley Blaier-Stein

 Supporting you by reviewing IEPs, communicating with the school and district, attending PPTs and mediation.

Shirley Blaier-Stein


Make the Positive Happen.

My writing and my work focus on looking beyond the diagnosis, seeing what our children CAN do. Finding what it is they are good at and 'running' with it, to create the best life possible for the

My son used to be scared of water. I had to come up with a special plan on getting him into the pool. I reached out to just the right person who helped him overcome his fear. Now he swims every Saturday and enjoys the beach.  Here's a story on the Today Show about Dan overcoming this challenge.

 Dan after overcoming his fear of water

Dan after overcoming his fear of water


I am dedicated to helping parents find the positive, focus on it, let go of the fear and manage the stress. 


Here's How It's Going to Work:

Meet and Observe

I will meet with you and your child, in my office or at your home if you choose; talk to you, the parents, about your concerns and your goals for your child; observe your child at home and/or at his current program; talk to other professionals, teachers and advisors who are helping you.


Action Plan

I will then come up with a written action plan, which would include:  What you can do today, such as find the right program, therapy, treatments, ways for your child to be in the community in a meaningful way, tools to empower yourself; and also refer you to professionals that I believe can help your child. 

Autism affects not only the child but the whole family. I know!


Why come to me


  • I have been through this time and time again when I was in a crossroad with my son. I empowered myself to keep going and find the best way each time.
  • I wrote about it. In order to do that I analyzed and processed all my knowledge into a way of doing, acting out of power as opposed to survival or fear. 
  • I speak to parents, organizations and professionals about it. See here at the United Nations.
  • I know the suffering and pain the family goes through both from my own experience and also from networking with many families along the way. I founded Autism Parents Community.
  • Being a lawyer I am analytical, able to process lots of information and come up with a solution.  I can also inform you of your rights (such as insurance as well as school program) and support you through exercising those rights, wether advocating for you or empowering you and guiding you to advocate on your own for your child.


To sum up, I can help you with:

Finding a school or program;

Communicating effectively and amicably with the school and school district;

Advocating for your child;

Choosing the right therapy;

Sort through the treatments and select the one right for your child; and

Empower YOU on every matter of your day-to-day life as an Autism Parent.



 To hear about payment packages and to schedule an appointment, please call 917-770-2229 or email