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This is a very special book about a mother who is desperately trying to cope, understand and do all she can to help her son who is diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. It is beautifully written not just about the very real issues having a child with a disability changes the family dynamics, the stresses, how the whole world (despite best intentions) revolve around the needs of her child but also this is a mom who tries everything to enter into her son's world and connect with him on that level. Her attempts to draw him out of his world and communicate with her and others show the depths of a mother's love, who believes with all her heart that her son will someday be cured. The spiritual aspect of this book, adds to its many layers of of a rich and beautiful story of a mother's love, who will stop at nothing to help her child. The book also touches on the importance of self care, keeping your marriage healthy, having support systems in place (she started a parent support group in the state of CT) and siblings that are not on the spectrum. The author is an excellent storyteller, her journey is fascinating, one minute you want to cry for her the next you are laughing. Overall, this book is a gem, very special and like nothing I have ever read before. I would recommend this book to parents who have a child on the autistic spectrum and even for those who do not. I admire her and know that her beautiful child will continue to thrive.


I felt like the author was writing to me, explaining her day over coffee. I too am an Autism mom and so this story absolutely touched my heart. The first few chapters were hard to read without being a ball full of tears, and the middle to the end was so very insightful and had me confirming that my own personal beliefs aren't that crazy. I loved it! If you are an Autism parent give this book a read, if you KNOW an Autism parent read!!!!!!